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Weather Warnings For Lynn Haven!

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April 7 2016
UPDATED BREAKING NEWS! As of April 25th RLANDON.COM will no longer exist. We are moving to another location and I'll be pulling the plug on the server. I would like to thank everyone for visiting the site since 1999 from Port Orchard WA to Lynn Haven FL but the time has come to shut down and move on. I wish everyone the best and thanks again!

August 29 2013
UPDATE: With an all new box processing the data, it's time to give the tired Oregon Scientific weather station a rest and I've installed a new Davis weather station which is now online. The old data for the year is holding with the exception of the rain measurements. Up to today the yearly total 66.66 inches and the August monthly total was 11.66. Also, I have noticed one glitch using Internet Explorer browsers and the live pictures being updated on your screen. Should you get a picture that is not to current time, use the "Compatability Mode" icon IE9 Compatability Mode Icon once or twice (located in the address bar of IE) to get the new pic.

August 20 2011
Here is a new LINK to show the latest hurricane tracking and live radar together. I like it plus it displays day/time info of the tracking. On another note, after several hard drive replacements I have the site running but am going SSD drives. One more upgrade and that's it.

August 31 2008
Click HERE for the latest hurricane info and tracking. The weather station had a few problems and is somewhat fixed for the moment. The replacement anemomoeter is installed. Standing by for the storms!

October 2007
The site is now live from Panama City/Lynn Haven FL. I think I have it all converted over to east coast information, links and other stuff. Should you find something that still refers to WA or is broken, please let me know. Enjoy the site and I'll be adding more information to it soon.

March 2007
No April Fool's joke. The site's live stats and camera will be shutting down on April 1 as we begin the move to warm, sunny Florida. Thanks to all that have visited the site and I should be starting a new one within the next month or so, once we get settled. Thanks again and goodbye RAIN!!!!!

November 1999
Since I had NO IDEA what I was doing in Paint Shop Pro, I designed the logo image above. Something different!

October 1999
RLANDON.COM created and registered.

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Current conditions as of 9:36am: Sunrise .. 6:04am, Sunset .. 7:14pm, Temperature .. 78.6 degrees, Today's High Temp .. 78.6 degrees at 9:35am, Today's Low Temp .. 55.7 degrees at 5:34am, Heat Index .. 80.1, Heat Stress .. Caution, Comfort Level .. Comfortable, Wind Speed .. 0 MPH, Barometric Pressure .. 30.00, Today's Rainfall .. 0.00 inches...................

Current High Definition WeatherCam Image From Lynn Haven, FL on the Gulf Coast Panhandle. WeatherCam Pictures Are Updated Every 30 seconds!

How To Build A Weatherproof WebCam. See how to build this!

Weather Software Used on RLANDON.COM

This site uses Virtual Weather Station (VWS) Internet Edition 14.01 software via a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station. The Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD webcam presently runs on Chill-Cam 2.5.0 software to capture the sites live web pic's. The system is processed on a self-built Intel Quad Core 1155 SSD server box.

Weather Stats & Links Available:

  • Current Outdoor & Indoor Temperatures
  • Current Outdoor & Indoor Humidity
  • Current Barometric Pressure
  • Current Daily Sunrise & Sunset
  • Current Wind Speed & Daily Gust
  • Current Hourly, Daily, Weekly Rainfall
  • Current Wind Chill & Heat Index & UV Readings
  • Local Doppler, NEXRAD, and Satelite Links....

Weather Graphs Available

  • 7 Day Temperature
  • 7 Day UV Index
  • 7 Day Humidity
  • 7 Day Wind Speed
  • 7 Day Wind Gust
  • 7 Day Barometric Pressure
  • 24 Hour Daily Rainfall Total
  • Monthly Rainfall Total
  • Yearly Rainfall TotalGraph

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