The VTX 1800
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After selling off the Harley once we decided to pack up and try to move to the east coast, I soon found myself wanting another bike or some kind of project to keep me busy (and broke!). I noticed the Honda VTX models on ebay and went and tried one at the local dealership. Once tricked out with lots of chrome and extras, the bikes looked impressive not to mention the 1800 cc engine (largest production V-twin out there)! I have owned Honda's before, both a 1984 Nighthawk 650 and while stationed in Japan a CB400 that was indestructable. It was a pass down bike to those that transferred there. I was the forth known owner and we all tried to blow it up with no success, what a bike! Knowing the quality and reputation of Honda the VTX 1800 C on ebay I found was right for my new scoot. It's a 2002 VTX 1800 C with 11K and already had numerous mods installed like the Power Commander III, Jardine forward controls with matching grips and sideburner exhaust. The bike was purchased from PA and shipped to WA via Federal Motorcycle Transport. However those original extras were only the start. I have now installed Bub Jug Hugger exhaust, Bridgestone Battlax 200 rear and 130 front tires, Paladin Quick Release 3 backrest/luggage rack, Kury tach, Kury license plate bracket with red led's and changed the clear lenses to red, Kury Pro-R Hypercharger, Kury Deep Dish front signal lights, Coyote Gas Cap Hinge, F-sytle radiator cover and lots and lots of Kuryakyn chrome! I have also completed the desmog mod using German Pete's block off plates and removal of the SAS. The PCIII was way out of tune and needed to be mapped. I had the bike ran on the dyno and a custom map entered. What a difference!! The 1800 with mostly stock parts is now cranking out 99 HP and 115.6 ft lbs of torque to the rear wheel. Below are the pics of the bike when purchased and I'll update the site with newer pictures as the project progresses, so stay tuned!
  • December 2006 eBay Pictures - The VTX When Purchased

Overall Right Side ViewAnother Right Side ViewRight Side Of EngineRight Side Rear ViewUpper Right Side Rear View Another Right Side Engine ViewRight Front ViewFront Engine ViewRight Rear View of BikeRight Rear Close Up View Right Rear ViewOverhead Tank ViewRight Forward ControlsLeft Forward ControlsRear Fender View Overhead Right Engine ViewOverhead Left Engine ViewRight Side Tank ViewRight Fork ViewFront Wheel View Overall Left Side ViewAnother Left Side ViewFront Left Side ViewLeft Side Engine View

  • January 2007 The X-formation Begins - Starting To Add The New Parts and Chrome!

The X-Formation, Time For The Change!Right Side View - The X-formation BeginsRight Rear View With New Chrome, Pipes and Kury PartsBack Left Side ViewOverall Left Side ViewFront Right Side Of Engine View Another Right Side Engine ViewOverall Console ViewRear View With Kury Deep Dish LensesMore Chrome and VTX CoversConsole With Coyote Cap Left Side of EngineFront Side View With F-Style Radiator Cover